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The Best Crypto Currency for Mining
Changes in the conditions in the crypto market in the past year have made a shift in the choice of prospective currencies for mining. What are they?
The decline in the price of Bitcoin and Altcoin throughout 2018 has caused many crypto miners to stop and sell their devices because they suffered losses. In fact, many of the mining companies closed their operations because they did not get adequate ROI.
For this reason, crypto currency mining in 2019 is done not only to get rewards, but also for long-term investments. If you plan to mine crypto currencies, you should not just choose the ones that are popular, but also consider crypto that promises returns in the long run.
The best crypto currency to be mined
Criteria for Choosing a New Crypto Currency for Mining
Because the price decline that occurs causes a decrease in the number of mining hashes, it is rather difficult to say which crypto coins are still profitable to mine. However, there are several main factors that can be considered when choosing these new coins to be mined in 2019, namely:

Mining difficulties.
Current price fluctuations.
Price prediction.
Market capitalization.
Number of cases for using the coin.
Developer background.
Social media presence.
Meanwhile, there are several factors that might be avoided when choosing new coins to mine:

Coins have ICO.
Project that sells masternodes.
Premined coins.
Coins that are only "Copy Paste" from other coins. Example: Ravecoin which only copies Bitcoin scripts and does not bring new innovations.

Ensuring Mining Can Bring Benefits
After you have selected coins that match all the parameters above, you must ensure that the selected crypto mining operations can benefit. This requirement has become very challenging this year, given the crypto market condition which continues to be bearish.
Bear crypto market
There are many factors that must be taken into account, such as electricity costs, mining difficulties, etc. In addition, there are also several steps to determine the energy consumption of each mine that is carried out, namely:
Calculate the total potential profit per month (the easiest method is to use USD units).
Estimate how much electricity is needed per month.
Look for references from other miners regarding the cost of electricity for mining certain crypto currencies.
Another important point that you must remember is that the parameters above continue to fluctuate, which basically makes the mining industry very unpredictable. Case in point: Bitmain mining giant who recently fired half of its employees because the IPO plan had not been realized.

Most Potential Mining in Crypto
Let's start by discussing the pioneers of crypto currency, Bitcoin. As of December 2018, Bitcoin mining difficulties have decreased by 15 percent, because retail miners left Bitcoin massively after the bearish crypto trend never stopped. Even so, in the midst of the tight wave, the remaining Bitcoin miners reportedly still made a profit of $ 4.7 billion, even though this was dominated by companies and mining organizations.

The miners' exodus followed by a decrease in the level of difficulty made it easier for new miners to enter the market. In addition, it was recently estimated that mining Bitcoin was still more profitable than mining one of its iterations, the Bitcoin SV, which was heralded as a "mining-friendly" crypto currency.

The same is true for other major currencies, Ethereum, which has faced a bearish market throughout 2018.
Miners who can benefit from cheap electricity prices are still able to survive in this business, along with the decline in the difficulty of mining Ethereum.

Monero and ZCash: Top Privacy Coins
Monero is currently the 13th largest currency based on market capitalization. Its flagship privacy coins are very attractive to miners, because of ASIC-resistance. That is, anyone can mine Monero without having to buy expensive hardware. Of course, Monero's mining profitability has also been reduced due to falling prices. However, the low price of GPUs combined with low electricity is still the ideal combination to mine Monero in 2019.

If Monero is not interesting in your eyes, mining other privacy coins like ZCash can be considered too. Crypto is responsible for more than 90 percent of Equihash mining. In July 2018, ZCash made headlines because of its extraordinary mining profitability, surpassing Bitcoin by 400 percent.

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